Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to and all of its subdomains ('Service' hereafter).
Nicola Pagliuca ('Operator' hereafter) is the owner and operator of these services. and all of its subdomains are self-hosted by the operator in Italy.

The following policies may change at any time without prior notice (especially when I add a new service).

Data collected by the operator

No identifiable data is collected.


Some services require the use of cookies and/or local storage which are required to provide you with the service (such as remembering user preferences) and are not collected by anyone. None of my services use third-party cookies.


Paste contents, including attachments and comments, are encrypted and decrypted client-side, so that only those who have the full URL may decrypt them. The encrypted contents are stored in a database controlled by the Operator according to the specific directives as given by the user.

Third parties

This website and all of its subdomains use Cloudflare as a CDN to provide a better experience to those who are further away from my server, to block bots, and to prevent DDoSing.

Cloudflare's privacy policy can be found here.